Four Track Demo

by Rash Tongue

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Recorded in our practice space May 2013.
Tapes available at a gig.


released December 18, 2013

Hanna Negami played bass.



all rights reserved


Rash Tongue Boston, Massachusetts

Jake - Vox
Alex - Drums
Cecelia - Bass
Chain - Guitar

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Track Name: Stop Hoping
Hope dealer, you're no savior.
Sign on the line, sign off on death.
Another false hope. Another lost bet.
War still haunts us, can't you see it's the same?
Stop hoping. Start making change.
Guilt eraser, you're their savior.
Sign on the line. avert their eyes,
when will they realize?
War still haunts us. Don't tell me it's changed.
Stop hoping.

We need our own war to end this.
Track Name: Their Nightmare
What we call the American Dream
is history's nightmare the world can't wake from.
And still they promote it.

What we call the American Dream
was founded on pillage and slavery from inception.
And still they believe in it.

Our only dream is to end this nightmare.
Track Name: Program of Control
Cage us up, lock us in.
Built by our own hands.
They criminalize identities
to justify their greed.

Control. Program of control.

Racist legality built on white supremacy.
Wealth and welfare hand in hand,
false peace kept by policemen.

Control. Program of control.
Track Name: Taught/Taut
Doctor says fix my head, feeds me pills
until I'm fucking braindead.
Now I'm just another kid sleepwalking through
the fucking school day.

This ain't learning it's a fucking prison.

Teacher tells me to raise my hand,
learn my lessons, but they're fucking boring.
Me and a hundred million other kids
waste our mind so we'll do things their way.

This ain't learning it's a fucking prison.

Teacher says fix my head. Fix my head? Fix my head?
We don't need anyone to fix our heads.
Burn the schools so the kids can go free.

No hope coming from a fucking prison.